AlertGrid project is going to be discontinued. Service will remain functional until 15th December 2016.

Instant notifications for events received from your systems

AlertGrid's visual rules editor preview
Managing notification rules has never been easier!

Receive SMS, email and phone notifications instantly!

Create event handling rules with the AlertGrid visual designer

Integrate with anything you want through the simple AlertGrid API

Monitor, get notifications, analyze and improve your business

Start monitoring your business in minutes, not weeks
It's free and has no time limits

Said about us

  • "Alert Grid is a true tool for turning shortcomings around and use them to improve the overall standing of your company."
  • "AlertGrid is the best web service that mixes reactive monitoring and logging."
  • "AlertGrid adds an extra layer of intelligence to the notification process that you can use to filter out noise and find the most important events."

Application monitoring

Receive notifications of customized events occurring in your applications. Detect missing events. Build rules easily to filter events and handle all the important ones.

Easy integration

AlertGrid API has one simple function; feed AlertGrid with signals from your system (application, server, existing monitoring system etc.) and start leveraging on all functionalities immediately.

Data visualization

Gather statistics, performance metrics or usage data from your applications and infrastructure. Plot graphs with historical data.

SaaS monitoring

Monitor your service metrics and behavior. Receive information about errors or other customized events. Dispatch notifications to those people or parties involved.

Available worldwide

All types of notifications (including SMS and phone calls) are available worldwide (170 countries) immediately.


AlertGrid is aiming for a “no Single Point of Failure” architecture. There are multiple instances of all key components, which guarantees maximum availability.


Install a plugin and start using AlertGrid for the most typical scenarios such as process monitoring or uptime monitoring. All plugins are available for free!


Our engineers are here to help you. The AlertGrid team will gladly help you integrate and configure your environment to make the most out of AlertGrid.

Did you know?

The rules that you create in AlertGrid are executed by servers located in various places all over the world.